Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Standard Drink Sizes

According to Villanova University, 80% of college students nationwide consume alcohol. Because of this statistic, it is crucial that college students have basic knowledge about the subject. Understanding standard drink sizes is a great start. Standard drink sizes are the proper serving size of each type of alcohol.
·         Beer = 12 oz.
·         Wine = 5 oz.
·         Liquor (a shot, 80 proof liquor) = 1.5 oz.
·         Malt liquor (a stronger ale) = 8-9 oz.

Standard drink sizes can also be measured via red solo cup.

Drinking & Driving
Another important piece of information to know is the legal limit for drinking and driving. The legal limit is having a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08. Measuring out your drinks is a helpful way to keep track of what your BAC is. Alcohol leaves your body slower than it enters; it may take several hours for one drink to leave your system. It really just depends on your size and gender, since women metabolize alcohol slower than men do.
If there is so much to be cautious about while drinking, why are people so irresponsible? Could it be because young people feel invincible? Possibly. Could it be because getting “wasted” is often glamourized? Sure. The truth is that consistent drinkers believe alcohol will make them fun, outgoing, and energetic- no matter how much they drink. They don’t consider the physical effects.
·         Physical effects are direct pharmacological or biological effects of a drug. Examples of physical effects include nausea, dizziness, slurred speech, and delayed motor movements.

·         Expectancy effects are effects people associate with drugs whether or not the drug actually causes the particular effects. For instance, people expect to feel happy, care-free, and outgoing every time they drink.
In reality, alcohol is a depressant that slows you down mentally and physically. If you drink a little bit, you start to feel happy. Why is this? Put simply, it is due to alcohol’s low dose effects and your expectancy to feel happy. Furthermore, when consistent drinkers surpass that low-dose feeling, they keep drinking to try and get it back. However, once you have surpassed the low-dose level there is no turning back.
Knowledge really is power when it comes to these things. Keep standard drinking size, the legal limit (.08), and physical/expectancy effects in mind and you will be set. J
Request a Presentation
The Health Education Resource Center (HERC) is always doing its best to educate students so that they can be healthy and successful here at EIU. Myth Busting Alcohol presentations can be requested by visiting www.eiu.edu/herc. Simply fill out a “request form” two weeks in advance to ensure availability. Private consultations can also be requested.
For more information on alcohol, please contact Bree Rehor at the Health Education Resource Center by calling (217) 581-7786, or email herc-genhlth@eiu.edu.  If you would like to speak to a medical professional, please call the Health Service Medical Clinic at (217) 581-3013.

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