Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Literacy in Financial Education (LIFE) Center Blog

College is a life-changing and worthwhile experience; however, it isn’t free. Recent debt statistics report that 71% of students graduating from four-year colleges have student loan debt. This suggests that over 11.3 million students graduate with debt. This is extremely stressful because the majority of students have never had to handle loans before. Luckily, EIU has a Literacy in Financial Education (LIFE) Center to educate students on how to stay on top of their financial situation.

The mission of the LIFE Center is to change student knowledge and behaviors related to money management by providing financial education through various tools and resources. Furthermore, the goal is to encourage students to practice responsible financial behaviors and graduate with a lower debt level by developing strategies to reduce their discretionary spending. 
The Graduate Assistant from the LIFE Center offers presentations to classes, clubs, or groups! Below are samples of topics they can bring to you:
  • understanding different types of debt
  • debt management
  • creating a budget
  • understanding credit
  • time management
  • retirement planning
  • choosing a major
  • financing an education
  • evaluating job offers
  • preparing to live on your own
  • student loan debt and post-graduation
  • leasing VS buying a car
  • paying back student loan debt
The LIFE Center works with students on common financial problems experienced by many college students. It is truly an invaluable resource. Your finances are something that follow you for the rest of your life; therefore, it is important to start practicing responsible financial management during your college years. For contact information to schedule an appointment or schedule a presentation, please visit the LIFE Center website at http://castle.eiu.edu/life/.

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