Thursday, March 23, 2017

Sex, Consent, & Pizza

Consent is defined as a freely given, clear, unambiguous agreement between the participants to engage in sexual activity.
Consent is NOT:
  • The absence of no: If someone doesn’t say no or remains quiet it does NOT mean “yes”. This includes a lack of verbal and/or physical resistance.
  • Unresponsiveness: If someone is unresponsive, consent cannot be given.
  • A one-time thing: consent must be given every time and during every step of sexual activity. Similarly, consent given on a prior occasion does not indicate future consent, and consent may be withheld at any time.
  • Given under the influence: consent cannot be given under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Whether if both parties are under the influence or if only one party is under the influence.
Asking for Consent:

When asking for consent, communicate what you are comfortable doing and what you are not. It is important to remember that you choose where to draw the line. Be sure your partner and you have the same wishes. Also, use respect, thoughtfulness, and understanding when asking for consent.
Be Comfortable with Consent

Consent can be hard to understand sometimes, so think of it like this; Sex is Like Pizza. “Hey, what do you want on it?” or “What size of pizza do you want?” they usually give you a clear answer on what they want or say, “anything BUT (insert nasty pizza topping here).” They, FREELY, give you a CLEAR answer of what they want and what they don’t want. So, together, you come up with a pizza that you both agree on. Just like that you have asked for consent in a respectful, communicative, and thoughtful way.

Consent looks similar to deciding on a pizza with someone. You ask what they want, what they like, what they don’t like, etc. Just like sex, you want to ask the other person, what they like, what they don’t like, if they want to have sex or if they don’t want to have sex. What makes sex so much fun and beautiful is that BOTH people are participating and wanting it.
Sex is Like Pizza

The Health Education Resource Center will be holding one more open session on Sex is Like Pizza. Join us on April 20th at 7pm in the Casey Room on the MLK Union 3rd floor to learn more!
On-Campus Resources
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*If reporting to Student Standards, UPD will not be called unless the student wishes to press charges.
Off-Campus Resources

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*If reporting to the Charleston Police, the offices of Students Standards and Civil Rights & Diversity will be contacted.

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