Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Practicing Healthy Sexual Behaviors

With Valentine’s Day today, it’s important to communicate with your partner about healthy sexual behaviors.  Below are ways you and your partner can have a healthy relationship, the importance of being tested, and resources that are available to you.
10 Tips for Healthy Relationships:
1.      Keep expectations realistic

2.      Talk with each other

3.      Be yourself

4.      Keep a balanced life style

5.      Be dependable

6.      Think before you speak

7.      It’s an ongoing process

8.      Welcome change

9.      Respect each other’s space

10.  Show your warmth

STI Services:
The HERC offers one-on-one consultations on sexual health to discuss preventative methods and current sexual health behaviors.  This consultations and free and confidential.  To schedule a consultation, complete the online request form.

Health Service offers STI and HIV testing at the EIU clinic and most of the cost is covered through student insurance.  To make an appointment, call, walk-in, or use the MyHealth tab through your PAWS account.
Rubber Lovers:
A free interactive program offered through the HERC that educates students on condom use and healthy sexual behaviors.  Students also get a discount card at the EIU Pharmacy for safer sex supplies. 

Upcoming open sessions:
                MLK Union: Effingham Room
6 PM
                MLK Union: Martinsville Room
6 PM
                MLK Union: Martinsville Room
7 PM
                MLK Union: Effingham Room
5:30 PM
                MLK Union: Martinsville Room
7 PM
                MLK Union: Martinsville Room
6 PM
You can also request a presentation by filling out the Program Request Form to have us come to you!  If you have any questions, contact the Health Promotion Coordinators at 217-581-7786 or herc-hlthpromo@eiu.edu and herc-genhlth@eiu.edu

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