Friday, January 13, 2017

Health Service Advisory Board

What do they do?
The Health Service Advisory Board represents the students and helps advise the administration of Health Service relating to services, policies, promotional efforts, financial issues, and what programs are available.
Tasks include:
  • Serving as a liaison between students and the staff and administration of the Health Service.
  • Consulting with the Director of the Health Service on policies for the operation and management of the Health Service.
  • Offering recommendations for new programs or modifications of existing programs.
  • Providing a mechanism for student feedback concerning complaints and positive outcomes.
  • Reviewing the annual budget proposal with the Director in advance of its presentation to the Student Tuition and Fee Review Committee.
  • Informing students of special health problems on campus.
  • Creating awareness of both general and special services offered by the Health Service.
  • Promoting the general welfare and health of the student community.
  • Providing such other advice on health and Health Service matters as the Director or the Vice President of Student Affairs might request.
Who are they?
The Health Service Advisory Boards is comprised of up to 30 students (undergraduate and graduate), faculty, and staff members, subject to the approval of the respective student, faculty, or staff Senates as necessary, shall constitute the voting membership. None-voting members shall include the Health Service Director, Assistant Director, and members of the Health Service staff.

Are there leadership positions?
Three students are elected from the membership to form an executive committee.  A Chair and a Vice Chair shall be elected in the spring, prior to the new fiscal year. A Recorder and an Outreach Coordinator shall be elected in the fall of that fiscal year.

We meet every 3rd Thursday of the month at 1:30pm.  Please contact Amanda at or (217) 581-7786 if you are interested in joining or want more information.

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