Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Practicing Healthy Sexual Behaviors on Valentine's Day

With Valentine’s Day only a week away, love is in the air but that also means practicing safe sexual behaviors is of most importance!  Valentine's Day is the perfect time to talk with your partner about being sexually healthy.  EIU offers Rubber Lovers, an educational program aimed in preventing and reducing sexual health risks by teaching steps for proper condom use, relevant statistics and information regarding Sexually Transmitted Infections, and the importance of getting tested.  Below are 5 ways to practice healthy sexual behaviors and 5 reasons you and your partner should go get tested this Valentine's Day!   


Ways to Practice Healthy Sexual Behaviors

Always gain consent before engaging in any type of sexual behavior.

Consent is the number 1 step before proceeding with your partner.  Prior to engaging in sex, communicate with your partner what you are and are not comfortable doing.  Be sure your partner has the same wishes as you.  Talking with your partner about sex and consent incorporates healthy communication patterns while also building trust.


Always use protection during any types of sexual activity. 

Use flavored condoms for oral sex on a male and dental dams for oral sex on a female or rimming. Male and female condoms can be used for vaginal and anal sex but be sure to only use one or the other at the same time.  Using two condoms creates friction resulting in the condom ripping or tearing.


Go get tested with your partner!

Whether you and your partner have been together for a long or short period of time, getting tested for STIs at least once a year and between every new sexual partner is vital.  STIs can take weeks, months, and even years to show up.  Routine testing allows you to know your sexual health status.


5 Reasons to get tested for Sexually Transmitted Infections

  1. Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) can be deadly if not caught early enough.
  2. By the age of 25, an average of 1 in 2 sexually active people will have contracted a sexually transmitted infection.
  3. Being sexually healthy develops respect for yourself and your partner.
  4. 80% of those who have a sexually transmitted infection do not show any symptoms.
Testing is easy, all you need is a urine sample for most tests. Testing services are available at EIU Health Service Clinic. To make an appointment, go to the Health Portal on PAWS or call 217-581-3013 to schedule an appointment.
Practicing sexually healthy behaviors with your partner increases your chances of spreading love and affection instead of Sexually Transmitted Infections. To learn more about STIs and proper condom use, please attend one of our Rubber Lovers sessions today!
  • February 11, 2016            5:00 p.m.             Martinsville Room
  • February 17, 2016            7:00 p.m.             Martinsville Room
  • February 23, 2016            5:00 p.m.             Martinsville Room
  • March 3, 2016                   5:00 p.m.             Martinsville Room
  • April 4, 2016                      7:00 p.m.             Martinsville Room
For more information regarding sexual health, please contact our Sexual Health Promotion Coordinator at

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