Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Rubber Lovers

By: Alex Salem | Intern

You see the Rubber Lovers signs all over campus but are not sure what the presentation really is. This blog gives vital information on the Rubber Lovers program along with how to use male and female condoms correctly and consistently.

What is Rubber Lovers?

Rubber Lovers is an interactive presentation that covers various sexual health topics and is available to all students at EIU. There are multiple open sessions for you to attend or the HERC can come to you! Throughout the presentation, students learn vital information regarding the 18 steps for female condom use, male condom use, sexually transmitted infections, and what steps to take to get tested on campus and much more. Read below to learn more!
Top 5 Reasons to Attend a Rubber Lovers Session:

  1. You will learn how to have safer sex.
  2. You will learn how to properly put on a male and female condom during the presentation.
  3. Through interactive games, students learn valuable information about safer sex.
  4. By going to Rubber Lovers, you become a certified member and receive a reduced rate on safer sex items at the EIU Pharmacy located right here on campus.
  5. You will learn about the importance of consent.

Vital Information about Male and Female Condoms

Male and female condoms are used as barrier methods of contraception to protect against sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and pregnancy. The female condom is used for vaginal or anal sex. However, the male condom can also be used for oral sex where the female condom cannot. There are no serious side effects from using male or female condoms if used safely. When using condoms, it is important to utilize either a male condom or a female condom only. Using both types at the same time creates friction causing the condoms to break and making them less effective. Make sure condoms are stored in a cool, dry place so heat will not damage the latex. Both female and male condoms are readily accessible through the EIU Pharmacy, located on campus in the Human Services Building.

Now that you have been introduced to two different types of condoms, it is important to realize there is a proper way of using them.

15 Steps of Proper Female Condom Use:
  1. Gain consent from your partner.
  2. Sexual arousal.
  3. Check expiration date.
  4. Make sure condom is airtight.
  5. Open the package.
  6. Check for rips or tears in the condom.
  7. Place more lubrication on the end of the condom.
  8. You may now insert the condom.
  9. Push condom inside the vagina or anus to start the process.
  10. Push the inner ring back with your index finger until you cannot go any further.
  11. Guide the penis inside the vagina or anus while holding the outer ring.
  12. Once intercourse is over, remove the condom by gently twisting and pulling the condom out.
  13. Make sure condom is not damaged by checking for rips or tears.
  14. Condom should be wrapped in a tissue.
  15. Put condom in the trash and not the toilet.
Facts and Tips about the Female Condom:

  1. The female condom can protect against sexually transmitted infections more than a male condom because it covers more surface area on the outside of the genitals.
  2. A female condom is made of nitrile, which is not latex. If you are allergic to latex, a female condom is a safe option for you to use.
  3. You can insert a female condom up to 8 hours before use.
  4. A female condom is not dependent on an erection unlike the male condom.
  5. Educating you and your partner on this type of condom increases sexual health awareness and gives you another type of barrier to use.
To view the female condom training video please visit:

Now that you know more about the steps to female condom use, let’s focus on the 18 steps to using a male condom. When used consistently and correctly, your chances of contracting a sexually transmitted infection and becoming pregnant are much lower than when not using a condom at all.
18 Steps of Proper Male Condom Use:

  1. Get consent from partner.
  2. Sexual arousal.
  3. Check expiration date.
  4. Make sure condom is airtight.
  5. Open package.
  6. Make sure condom is right side out.
  7. Check tip of condom for rips or tears.
  8. Pinch a half inch tip to create space for ejaculation
  9. Roll the condom down the erect penis.
  10. Squeeze air from the condom.
  11. Insert into the orifice.
  12. Ejaculate.
  13. Hold onto rim at the base of the condom.
  14. Withdrawal slowly.  
  15. Remove the condom.
  16. Check for rips or tears once again.
  17. Wrap condom in tissue.
  18. Dispose condom in trash and not the toilet.
Facts and Tips about the Male Condoms:

  1. Some novelty male condoms are designed only for fun and not intended to be used for sexual activity.
  2. Flavored condoms are used for oral sex only. The flavoring agent can cause irritation if used for vaginal or anal sex.
  3. Make sure condoms are stored in a cool, dry place so heat will not damage the latex.
  4. A male condom is the same length as a female condom
  5. Male condoms are different than a female condoms
Request a Presentation:

We can bring Rubber Lovers to you! Our staff presents to RSO's, individual class, sororities and fraternities, and more! This program has vital information for proper use of male and female condoms. Rubber Lovers sessions have a unique way of delivering information about of proper condom use and being safe with your partner. This presentation makes learning how to use these skills easier. Click here to request a presentation today!

For more information please contact the Sexual Health Promotion Coordinator at (217) 581-7786, e-mail, or visit

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