Friday, January 20, 2012


Welcome to the Health Education Resource Center's (HERC) blog. This blog is part of the HERC's effort to stay connected to the campus and the community. With health being a "hot topic" year after year, it is vital to understand, learn and discover new ways to stay well. Here, we will blog about current health concerns and trends, the HERC's wellness and education programs, tips on staying well throughout the year and more. Readers are encouraged to question and engage with us through commenting. The hope of this blog is to not only provide another resource for the EIU community to engage in health topics, but to receive feedback on the HERC and Health Service's programming, services and projects. So, please read, enjoy and share this blog with others on campus and off. Our hope is that while we keep you in the loop with current health topics and projects, you'll keep us in the loop with your thoughts and opinions on them! Thanks for reading, and we will look forward to continued blogging and listening.


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